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My WE Favorites

Work has been busy, busy for me recently, hence the lack of blog posts. To keep you interested (Have I already lost you?!), I want to share some lovely new items from west elm. The Spring Collection has been out for quite some time, and recently, hundreds of new items have been added to the website. 

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My Target Favorites

I walked into to Target the other day, and I thought, " I should totally work here to get a discount on home goods!" I mean, I secretly wish I had an associate discount everywhere. I know. It's selfish of me. Bah! But seriously, Target keeps impressing me with their insane home products. They keep getting better and better. Here are some of my current favorites...

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New from West Elm

Retail is always one step ahead, and while you are still recovering from Christmas and planning for New Year's, we are on to Spring. Yes. Spring! Valentine's gifts and even Easter bunnies have hit our stock room, and Spring textiles have hit the sales floor! The best part - or maybe just my favorite part - is all the new furniture that has arrived with even more available online. Here are a few of my favorite new pieces from West Elm:

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Craigslist Finds: Dallas, TX

Howdy, ya'll. I found some pretty great things on the Dallas/Fort Worth Craigslist. I was prepared to come across a lot of Texas starred furniture and pieces made of of horseshoes, but I actually found some unique mid century pieces. Snag them while you still can.

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