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Home Tour: Amber Interiors

I really can't say it enough: I love the aesthetic of Amber Lewis', mother of Amber Interiors and Shoppe. She creates the perfect mix of California cool, southwest, and eclectic, which I am defining here as a combination of modern and traditional, and often vintage. 

I ran across her work around six years ago, while living in North Carolina before I moved to LA. I connected with the colorful yet muted palette. A palette influenced by the desert, which some people see as dull, but when I look into its vastness (and even through a macro lens), I see rich hues of red, pink, brown, yellow, and blue. I'm drawn to the desert's complimentary colors and contrasting textures: the red clay against a blue sky, and a fuchsia flower against a green, prickly pear cactus. To me, these relationships signify strength. There can be so much beauty in such a harsh environment.


Enough about the desert. I could go on forever! Back to Amber... I think she too sees the beauty in the wild, both in color, texture, and composition. Her work screams contrast, and she is an expert at creating an effortless modern southwest the middle of the Hollywood Hills or wherever her other projects are born. 

Her humor, confidence, and rock-and-roll style are also pretty great. As an example, she gives her projects witty names such as #clientmemyselfandicantmakeupmymind#clientwelcometolawehopeyoustay, and #clientforrealzthenicestpeopleontheplanet. It's pretty genius if you ask me. She has impeccable style and a great personality, as portrayed through her blog and Instagram at least. She doesn't seem uptight. She seems approachable. She seems unapologetically herself. 

Today, I share with you Amber's #clientblackhousesarethebesthouses, which I'd like to rename as #clientiwishthiswasmyhouse. I would love for this to be my home on a farm in North Carolina. One day...