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Artist Spotlight: Inès Longevial


I ran across the art of Inès Longevial on Instagram and was immediately struck by her bold, powerful works of feminism and emotion. The color blocking makes the works seem almost simple, but the compositions and expressions create a more complex piece to stare at and wonder, "What is she, the subject, thinking or going through or feeling?" It makes me think the color blocking is almost symbolic of how we try to compartmentalize our lives as if that will make things easier and less complicated. I've found that never works, but I still try to control things anyways... Life is just messy. More about Inès, less about me...

Inès Longevial lives and works in Paris. She is originally from the South West of France and is inspired by Spanish artists Pablo Picasso and Pedro Almodovar. She paints with oils - a medium I could never personally quite catch onto due to its odor and timely prep and cleanup - and displays two main themes in her works: nature and femininity. She shows the female face in different shapes and with various shades of skin tones. Her composition create a sharing of positive and negative space. Similar to a horizon, where it is hard to tell where the sky begins and the earth ends. The lines and colors in her works, although distinct on their own, meld together blurring the start of one form and the end of another. 

Be inspired,