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My Summer Travels: Desert Edition

ace home.jpg

My brother and his family drove from Florida to California this summer, and Charles and I met them in Palm Springs for the weekend. It was nearly 120 degrees, which was, needless to say, HOT! I'd do it all over again, in even hotter temperatures, to spend time with them. My entire family is on the East Coast (My sisters are the farthest west in Texas.), so I don't see them often. We all live in different cities and have no home base, since my parents are full-time RVers. While "normal" families get together for birthdays and holidays, and even Sunday brunch, we are rarely all in one place. I'm thankful for the moments I got to spend with them, no matter the temperature...

Charles and I splurged and stayed at the Ace Hotel. My overall rating? It's overrated. I enjoyed the design aesthetic, but you can experience its hipness without spending a dime just by walking through the property or spending a little by having a cocktail in the Amigo Room or poolside. For a more immersive experience (but still WAY less than a night's stay), buy a Swim Club day pass for $20-$30/day, which gives you access to the pool, gym, and spa, plus 20% off food and non-alcoholic beverages. The rooms aren't anything fancy, but, I will say, the mattresses are DIVINE. Apparently, you can buy the exact same one...for only...$3K. While I don't regret our stay (It was on my bucket list after all!), and I'm sure it won't be our last boutique hotel experience, I think next time we'll opt for a place with more bang for our many bucks. 

ace 6.jpg

On our way back from Joshua Tree, we stopped in Pioneertown to eat at Pappy + Harriet's. Do yourself a huge favor. Visit the old west and order a side of mac and cheese. The town started as a live-in Old West motion-picture set, built in the 1940s. The housing (now the Pioneertown Motel) was designed to serve as the actors' homes while doubling as the film sets. Pappy + Harriet's was built in 1982 and has since become drawn performances from famed musicians such as Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend, and so many more. It was a ghost town when we went due to the temperature, but on its busy days there is live music and mock gun fights during the Mane Street Stampede Wild West Show. Your very own Westworld but less blood and trickery, and it's safe for the kids too. So, maybe not like Westworld...


All photos by me.