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Living Spaces + Justina Blakeney


I had the privilege of working on the Living Spaces + Justina Blakeney collaboration over the past few months, which also meant the honor of working with Justina, the queen of The Jungalow, for a few shoots. She is inspiring, full of life and creativity, warm and soulful, and extremely kindhearted. Her team of strong women is equally as rad and friendly. Everytime I see one of them I get this surge of confidence and all around good vibes. Keep spreading the love, ladies. The new Living Spaces + Justina Blakeney collection also has REAL GOOD VIBES, ya'll. Justina killed it with the product designs with Jonathan Lewis, and her jungalow style is now hitting stores across the southwest and is also available on the LS website. 

A lot goes into a company collaboration, and my part in this particular collab was designing sets for the TV commercial and Behind the Design, as well as designing rooms around each piece in the collection (all with Justina's sign off, of course!). The pieces are jaw-dropping fabulous, which made my job easy. Here's a peek! Go to to see the full collection.


The CASO Sectional and LUNA Accent Chair are my favorite pieces in the collection. I love the corner ottoman, the seat depths, and the sleek arms of the sectional, and the wood frame of the chair is fabulous, not to mention that fabric! The tropical chic vibe reminds me so much of Miami.

One thing Justina said when critiquing the sets was "if you think you have enough plants, put more!" So, that's what I did... I am taking that piece of advice home with me. My apartment is now overflowing with plants. Currently there are 25 and counting in our 700sf apartment... 

P.S. I JUST noticed the palm pillows on the sofa in the left image are upside down. Insert facepalm (no pun intended) emoji here... WHY?! Even when there are a million eyes behind the camera, something can still get missed. C'est la's still beyond fabulous!


Photos via Living Spaces.