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Design Refresh: Contrast Trim

An easy way to refresh your home is to add color! You can add it in the typical ways: pillows, drapery, rugs, flowers, etc...but what about painting the trim or door a fabulous pop of color?! Contrast trim. JUST DO IT! It adds so much personality and will make your home like no other. It's a new year. Do things a bit different this time around. Here is a bit of inspiration for you...

Loving the red trim on this farmhouse! Gah. I'd love to live here.

I know you all have seen Dabito's fabulous home makeover. It's such a dreamy space. Plants, antique rugs, and that fabulous yellow door! Yes, please!

 Aww! That blue trim against the lovely white walls and cabinetry! The pop of color works perfect with the patterned tile floor. Via domino.

A lot of men (and some women...I can't be sexist.) say, "DON'T PAINT THE WOOD TRIM!" Well, in this case, I'd agree. Keep it raw, ya'll. If your trim is already painted, a little bit of paint thinner, a paint scraper, and some sand paper should do the trick. And, maybe a little wine...

Happy painting! Rachel