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Craigslist Finds: Los Angeles, CA

Everyone loves a deal. Not everyone loves shopping in thrift stores, scouring flea markets, or trolling Craigslist to find a deal. I, on the hand, love all of the above! I find peace in environments that seem like chaos, because I think those are where the real jewels are found (or the real learnings if we wanna go that deep and look at it figuratively. No? Just me. Moving on...). I don't mind spending two hours in an antique shop or sifting through every rack in a thrift store. It takes patience  and maybe a little bit of insanity but nonetheless creativity  and vision. If you are like me, let's join forces and go tackle some thrifts stores and flea markets. No, really. Let's be honest, I am new to LA and don't have any friends. If you aren't like me, and you'd rather let someone else do the shopping, well you're in luck! I've been browsing Craigslist daily looking for items for our new apartment. I've come across some pretty fabulous things so thought I'd share what I found. These pieces don't work with our apartment or aren't within our budget, so they are up for grabs! The names of pieces are clickable links that will take you to the original Craigslist post.

1. Le Corbusier Cowhide Chaise Lounge - $910 

This chaise lounge is absolutely gorgeous and a statement piece for any space. It is a modern reproduction of the Le Corbusier chaise lounge originally designed in 1928. I love the shape and the coloring of the hide. It is for sale at a vintage furnishings store in Central LA. I noticed the store posted several items on Craigslist, so a pop over to the store to check out their full inventory may be worth it. (Although, I am new to LA, so it could completely suck.)

2. White Lacquer/Walnut Credenza - $550

Mid-century goodness is what this is. I love the contrast of the warm wood grain against the bright white. It is 48"W x 16"D x 29". It would be great in a living room as a media unit, in a dining room as a dry bar, or in a kids room or nursery as book/toy storage.  I can picture it against dark walls with some amazing brass mid-century lamp on top and a collection of simple, modern artwork in white frames hung above.


3. Vintage 11' Wooded Ladder - $50

Buy this. This vintage wooden ladder is such a great deal for the size, condition (for being vintage), and utility. And, no, I am not talking about using it to reach high shelves or clean your gutters. It is great as a corner accent piece for one! Check out our Heather Garrett used a tall ladder in her North Carolina loft. I've used ladders in the past to hold towels in a bathroom, blankets in a living room, and jewelry and scarves in the bedroom. I love the bit of history it adds to a space without losing the stylish design aesthetic that I hope to achieve.

4. Green Wagon - $50

First, fifty dollars seems a bit high for this one. I'd offer $25. Second, you're probably wondering why it's on my list. Well, with a bit of elbow grease, this could be one hot coffee table. I can also picture it full of stuffed animals in a kid's room. You'd have to repaint it (I'd keep it a similar blue!) and remove the tires, leaving the white rims. To use it as a coffee table, I'd recommend placing a cut, sanded, and treated piece of plywood on the right side while keeping the top left basket exposed to house remote controls. The honey color of the plywood will contrast the blue paint, and the soft wood material will contrast the metal frame creating a dynamic duo.

5. Loft Storage - $1,250

This art deco storage cabinet was once a magician's disappearing act. Now you can use it to make your clutter disappear! (Did you like that infomercial?) I thought this piece was unique. The inside has several shelves and two bottom drawers. It is hand-painted byMichelle Robinson. It is on casters and measures 60"W x 24" D x 69"H.

The person who posted this piece on Craigslist has many more items for sale on his/her company website, FORT, which seems like a pretty well curated vintage/antique collection. 

6. Leather Sand Bag Chairs - $650

These chairs are also from the above seller. Made of reclaimed steel with new leather seats, they are sold as a set of 4. I love the orange color, the graphic back rests, and the square modular shape. Not bad for $650. I can see them paired with a black, round tulip table or midcentury, round wood table. 

Hope you enjoyed. Maybe I'll continue this fun game and do another city in a few weeks. Where should I go next (virtually)?

XOXO, Rachel