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City of Angels

Well, folks, I am living in Los Angeles, the City of Angels! The first ten days we were in Playa Del Rey, and my thoughts were, "This city is dirty and brown. I'm not so sure about this." I came to learn that while living in North Carolina for six years I became a forest person instead of a beach person. Crazy! A Florida native (born and raised!), I never thought the ocean would lose its first place position to a bunch of trees, but, it happened, and I didn't even realize it until the greenery was gone. (Insert music clip here: "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone.") All in all, I love water (and clean air!) in all of its forms. I am a water sign after all. We quickly realized LA beach living wasn't for us, so we ventured to Los Feliz (north east LA in "the hills") and quickly realized this hip neighborhood was for us! Trees. Trees. Trees! Griffith Park is practically in our backyard, which has miles of trails for running and biking. We found a perfect corner apartment, have a beautiful view of the mountains, and are within walking distance to shops and restaurants. We. Are. Blessed.

Our apartment is coming along. We started with the essentials: a bed and plants. We literally have more plants than furniture. Lemon and olive trees, a tomato plant, basil, a few air-filtering plants, and several succulents. 

LA is growing on me. I feel I am here for a reason, and I am loving how things are unfolding. The next big feat after finding a place to live is finding a place to work. I have a couple exciting things churning, and I will keep you updated!

What are your thoughts on the City of Angels? Love it or hate it? Any must-see places you know about?

XOXO, Rachel