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Secrets of Tink (Shhh!)

woman in woods
woman in woods

Do you ever wonder about people's secret talents, hobbies, pet peeves, or other idiosyncrasies that never come up in conversation because they're either too random, not brag-worthy, or just forgotten? If someone unexpectedly asks you to give a trivia answer about yourself, what would you say? Is your middle name uncommon? Can you do a front flip? Do you only brush your teeth in the morning?

Here are a few of my own (Don't judge!)...

  • I am double jointed in all of my fingers. I can fold my hand in half - literally, fingers flat against palm- which I just discovered only last year isn't normal. I can also bend my thumbs backwards until they touch the back of my hand.
  • I have severe road rage. Luckily, I don't go as far as running anyone off the road, but I have many times wanted to pull a Tawanda (Fried Green Tomatoes anyone?) and ram into the back of several people's cars. My biggest pet peeve while driving is when people don't use their blinkers. Grrr...

More of my secrets after the jump!

  •  I go to the tanning salon...and I am embarrassed to admit it. I am not an avid tanning bed user by any means, but I find myself going anywhere from 5-15 days out of the year for a fresh glow or to prepare my skin for the summer.
  • I am addicted to handstands. I want to do them all the time...especially if I am already doing something active.
  • I am a control freak. Ask anyone who knows me. This can be a good thing resulting in a clean house and extreme organizational skills, but it can also be a bad thing leading to perfectionism expected in myself and others.
  • I love watching terrible movies and TV shows on Netflix...and I mean terrible. Most of the shows are romantic comedies/dramas directed towards adolescent girls, but I love them!
  • I bite my nails BAD! I'm talking torn skin and blood bad. I've been trying to stop since I was two.
  • My middle name is Ellen. When I was young we had a horrible (and abusive!) babysitter named Ellen, and ever since then, I've hated the name and in no way resonate with it. To-date, I've only met one Ellen I've liked...and I've met a lot...
  • I cannot for the life of me lift an eyebrow or wink. I guess I'm lacking in the facial muscles department...
  • I am a woman of sound effects and loud yelps. No matter what it is I am doing I am sure to make a "whoosh" or a "brrmm" sound, and if you hear an echoing, comical "eeek!" in the climbing gym...I just fell. This behavior may date back to my thriving middle school basketball career when my coach told me to "Give a little 'umph'!" when shooting free throws for some extra power. I was 4'11".

So...what are your little secrets?! I'd love to know!

photo by hello mr fox