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{My Design Diary}: Office + Store

Last week, I helped friend, blogger, and stationary designer, Ellie Snow of Mint and Hello Tenfold, plan out her studio space at Golden Belt. The biggest design dilemmas were 1) providing a floor plan to open up the small space while creating several "areas," 2) creating a space that functioned as an office, a store, and a meeting place for clients; and 3) assessing the dire need for additional storage.  Knowing heavy patterns and lots of color get old quickly, Ellie wanted to keep the space mostly neutral with slight nods to an existing red cabinet. To keep the budget low - and to add some fun personality! - DIY projects were welcomed.

The above photo was my design inspiration. See what design solutions I came up with and what furnishings I selected after the jump...

Design Dilemmas Solved!

1) Using two tall existing bookcases positioned perpendicular to the side walls, a small "foyer" was created up front with a large open workspace in the back. In the foyer, three areas were constructed: an entry table with a chalk message board (painted on the back of one of the bookcases!) for a guest book and business cards; a vertical stationary display made with floating wall shelves; and a sitting area (against the other bookcase backed with patterned wallpaper!) perfect for a client meeting . The back area consisted of work tables, more storage, inspiration boards, and another small sitting area.

2) With the front area serving as the store, the back area functioning as an office, and two areas providing sufficient seating for a client meeting, design dilemma #2 was SOLVED!

3) Ellie already had two large bookcases with glass doors, so I thought, "Let's mix it up by adding different structural bookcases and more textures." I opted for open storage with felt bins and rustic DIY storage that could also double as additional stationary display space. More storage? Done!

Here is what I came up with for the furnishings. What do you think?!