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No coffee. No beer. No soda. No juice. 40 days of water. No joke.

Have you ever fasted? For Lent or otherwise? I've done several fasts in the past...some fasts from food, Facebook, soda, etc...and I've always been blessed by the results: deeper fellowship with God and man, higher spiritual connection, healthier body, clearer mind, and greater self-confidence.  I had no intentions whatsoever to do a fast for Lent this year, but this evening thought, "Why wouldn't I?" A silly thought maybe but having not fasted in several years, knowing the benefits of fasting, and wanting to deepen my relationship and fellowship with God...seriously, why wouldn't I? The best reason I could come up with for not doing it was, "It's going to be hard!" will be...but sometimes the hardest things we go through are the best things for us.

In my bio on my About page, it clearly states I am addicted to coffee, which, I am. I also enjoy juice, hot tea, and beer...all of them pretty much daily. I rarely drink water. I know. Awful! It's just never tasted, well, sugary to me! So, in an effort to give myself the absolutely hardest challenge possible, I've decided to join some friends of mine and give up all beverages except water starting now until April 7th.

I'm joining blood: water mission in the Forty Days of Water campaign. Instead of buying coffee, juice, soda, beer, and all the other beverages I drink daily, I will drink water and donate the money I would've spent to help bring clean drinking water to my neighbors in Africa.

You can follow my progress and support my 40 day fast by donating to blood: water mission through My Profile page.

Are you fasting for Lent? If so, from what? What are your views on fasting? "It's awesome!" or "What's the point?!" I love to know your thoughts...