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NYC Late Night Subway Map!

Picture this: It's 2am. You're a bit tipsy. You walked 10 minutes to the train station...alone. You're heading to Queens. You wait nearly 15 minutes for the train with a few strangers, and you realize, "This train isn't running this late is it?! DAMNIT!" It's now been about 30 minutes since you left the bar, and you now have to walk another 15 minutes to the station where the train is running. And yes, the train ride itself will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on its own. You get home, finally, after nearly an hour and a half, and think, "Why the hell doesn't the MTA have a late night schedule?!" If you live in, lived in, or have visited NYC, you've most likely been in this scenario.

GREAT NEWS! The MTA now has a late night schedule! YAHOO!

With three subway lines that don’t run at all between midnight and 6am, not to mention the three lines that become shuttle trains, the six express trains that run on local tracks, and the night-only shuttle that randomly appears, all I can say is, it's about time!

Did you know, the New York City Subway is the only large subway or metro system in the world to maintain service to all its stations around the clock? For that we are all super thankful. For the late night map, we are all SUPER thankful! Good work MTA!

Get the full map here!

 Photos: 1. That's me in NYC! by Dawn Wonder 2. MTA