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Signing Off...

Well, folks. Today I leave for my big cross-country adventure. I'm driving from Durham, North Carolina to...well...the West. I'll be visiting family and friends, interviewing for jobs, climbing rocks, and camping along the way with stops in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Dallas, Lubbock, Window Rock, Flagstaff, Las Vegas, Big Bear City, Joshua Tree, San Diego, Los Angeles and many other cities that will be added spontaneously. I've always wanted to drive across the country, and I'm finally doing it!

I've decided to be, for the most part, unreachable - although we know how impossible that is in today's world - but I'm gonna try! Limited cell phone, no computer, limited email, no Grey's Anatomy (gulp!), and no blogging...especially when I reach Window Rock where my climbing/camping adventures begin. I return on January 8th (that's the plan anyway) and will have many photos, videos, and stories to share.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year! If you're traveling as well, be safe.

Here's my route: