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decorator vs. designer


Often times you hear the titles "interior decorator" and "interior designer" used interchangeably; but did you know these professions differ in their training as well as the services they offer?

"Many U.S. states and Canadian provinces have passed laws requiring interior designers to be licensed or registered—documenting their formal education and training—and many of them specifically require that all practicing interior designers earn the NCIDQ Certificate to demonstrate their experience and qualifications. By contrast, interior decorators require no formal training or licensure."

Interior decorators offer creative solutions to improve the look of a space through surface and decorative changes. Interior designers offer that same service, and in addition, are able to provide technical solutions to improve the functionality of a space (think remodeling a kitchen or creating an open-floor plan by removing a wall). They are trained to offer structural updates that must adhere to building codes and regulatory requirements.

As an interior designer with equal parts talent in designing and decorating, Heather Garrett has completed many kitchen and bathroom remodels that offer not only functional space but also exceptional beauty. Custom cabinetry, finish and fixture selections, lighting, and project management are among our firms specialties when it comes to renovations and remodels. We work with top-of-the-line vendors and contractors to deliver unique designs with exceptional results.

quote from NCIDQ photos by Briana Brough