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HELLO my name is Moon

I'm starting a new feature on my blog: HELLO my name is. I got this idea from another blog I randomly came across called The People's Parables where Elizabeth Brown shares the story of people she's met along life's "extraordinary adventure." Every so often, I'll introduce you to someone in my life whose made a big splash or maybe just a little ripple but in either case an impact.

To start us off, meet Lauren Moon or just "Moon." It's perfect that her last name is moon. She is an extremely bright light but does not blaze for attention or approval and will not burn you. She's humble and loyal. Did you know that when you look up at the moon, you always see the same face? That's, Moon. She will always show you her true self, no matter who you're around or where you are. She. Is. Funny! Now, humor isn't really a quality of our earth's natural satellite, but when you "moon" someone, a lot of people think that's I guess her name kind of correlates with her humor? Ok, maybe a stretch, but the girl is hilarious.

Lauren is in India. She first lived in India several years ago at Shanti Bhavan, a boarding school for children of the lower caste, where she lived with and educated the students. She was so touched by the people and drawn to the country that she is now back in India as an IDEX Fellow. Living and working in Hyderabad, Lauren works to understand the socio-economic and political issues in the low-income education sector and develops models to help solve these issues. "By creating and implementing programs in schools across Hyderabad we hope that our impact results in sustainable and scalable change. Simply to observe and research and question is not enough. We have to act. We have to do."

I met Lauren in New York City where we worked at Columbia University together. I am so blessed to have spent a year of my life with her in the same city. Adventure after adventure we were two tree huggers living life in the big city. A collision of time and space made perfect harmony when I found my oasis from the city in a friendship with the girl they call "Moon."

Connect with Lauren and follow her Indian adventures on her blog Miss Doubt-Fire.