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Balance Your Living Space


Balance. For me, it is an easy thing to find and keep for a short period of time, but it is nearly impossible to hang onto forever. I often see things as black and white and am constantly teetering between two ends of the spectrum. It isn't healthy or beneficial (for me or others) to look at things so simply. I know. Life is complex. It is HARD stuff, people! Self-growth and changing well-rooted behaviors that is...

Luckily, our homes are simpler beings, and finding balance within your living space takes only a few steps:

  1. Mixing materials and textures can bring harmony to your space. Instead of choosing the matching loveseat that compliments your upholstered sofa, try mixing in a pair of leather accent chairs. You can mix a marble coffee table with wood and metal side tables, and add natural materials like wool, linen, jute, and sisal to bring even more balance to the textures in your home. 
  2. Round, square, and rectangle: simple shapes we learned in elementary school that combine balance and symmetry. Using two or more of these shapes in the same room will keep things from feeling too rigid or too organic. Most sofas are rectangles, so, to soften the space, add curved side chairs or round end tables. Shake it up even more with an irregular-shaped lamp!
  3. One mistake I see far too often that decreases the balance of a space is disproportionate rugs. As a rule of thumb, rugs should be large enough to fit at least the front legs of your furniture (even better if it corrals all of your furniture!). This will allow your rugs to feel like their bringing the whole world together. Okay. At least bringing your room together...

Our lives are a constant, complex balancing act, but our homes don't have to be. Use these easy tricks to bring more balance to your space. Comment below to share the outcome or other ways you bring harmony to your home!