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Craigslist Finds: Pensacola, Florida

"Pensacola, Pensacola, Pensacola!" When I worked at Columbia University my coworkers would tease me with this phrase. Apparently, I talked about my hometown often. I haven't lived in Pensacola in over 11 years, but I still have an 850 phone number, and my personal email includes "GCFL," which stands for "Gulf Coast for Life." I am one of the few that didn't move back after college (many never left in the first place) - which I am completely happy with, because I love experiencing new places - but, man!, I sure do miss that small, beach town and the wonderful people who live in it. If you've never been, you should make a trip. The white sand beaches alone are worth the visit. Contact me if you need some suggestions of things to do or places to eat. Although I'm not in Pensacola, and I can't get there anytime soon, I figured why not troll Craigslist and act like I am there?! I also thought my friends in Pensacola may want some love and suggestions on pieces they should snag. This one is for you Gulf Coasters!

Bamboo Chair - $40. Sold. (Not really.) Keep in natural or paint it black. Add a sheep's skin, and BAM! It is awesome.

Mid-Century MOD End Tables - $175/pair. Add personality and color to your space with this duo. These would be great in an eclectic space or modern beach home.


Vintage Florida Cypress Gardens Water Skis - $75. Yes. These are great for adding a vintage touch to your home. Maybe for a boys room or in the living room? Hang stacked horizontally after giving these guys a good bath.

Antique Tufted Chair - $50. It's obvious why this chair is only $50. The fabric is hideous. Can it maybe be OK if reupholstered in a regal blue velvet? I mean the shape is interesting, and the sheen of the velvet my show those curves off in just the right ways.

Thrive "Taylor" Mid-Century Modern Sofa - $1,800. Custom-made, mid-century modern sofa! A lovely piece. A bit pricy, but Thrive is a great company that makes great furniture. Please click on this link just so you can see the lamp in the third picture. I DIED. I mean, come on. It's a bit weird, right?!

I will admit, folks, it was HARD finding worthy pieces on Craigslist Pensacola! I KNOW people in Pensacola have taste, ya'll. Maybe they own the fab pieces and aren't willing to give up the goods. Oh well! Hope you like the above items I found.

Cheers, Rachel