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Recent Projects

Hi folks! Sorry I've been MIA recently! Charles and I took a 10-day road trip across the country from Durham, North Carolina to Los Angeles, California: our new home! We arrived a few days ago, signed the lease on our new apartment today, and are feeling more comfortable in the City of Angels with each new day. I thought I'd share a couple current projects. Both of these homes are in Durham, North Carolina.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.44.35 PM

These are the living room and breakfast nook options for newlyweds who recently bought their first home. They are dear friends of mine, so it was an honor to be a part of the process in making their new house feel like a permanent home. The clients envisioned a contemporary feel with color, natural elements, and kid-friendly materials. The husband wanted leather, but the wife didn't want the living room to look like a bachelor's pad, so we opted for a durable yet soft gray upholstered sofa and a pair leather chairs. Natural fibers in the rug and window treatments add warmth while wood and metal accent tables and bronze lighting contrast the softer elements in the room.


Above is a peak into a Rachel Interiors E-Decor package, which includes a mood board, space plan, and paint and fabric samples.

holsappleThis music room was a fun project for me! The client knew she wanted purple walls, so with a bold color as the springboard, I was thrilled and inspired! The main furniture pieces are vintage modern to keep with the style of the architecture: a mid-century ranch. I selected the aqua and orange accessories to contrast the purple walls, making everything in the room pop! The client instantly fell in love with the design plan and no revisions were needed. I love when that happens! She bought paint and started ordering furniture the very next day.

Which room do you like the best?!

XOXO, Rachel