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Brand Clarity

If you're familiar with my journey over the past few years, you know I am both an artist and a designer and have struggled with how to merge the two brands under one umbrella. Working under the pseudonym tink, I launched Tink Makes Art is 2010 to market myself as an artist. In 2011, my love for interior design and - let's be honest - being laid off from a job led me to become a freelance designer. I had to do something to make money, and, although probably not 100% ready to venture on my own at the time, all I wanted to do was design. Thus, Hello Home Interiors was born in 2012. forblog

You would think my art and design mirror each other, but my art leans towards a colorful, urban influence (think graffiti meets Warhol) while the spaces I design reflect a neutral, sophisticated palette. Oddly, my logos, above, state the opposite...Problem #1. The two varying styles, which most often attract opposite clientele (Problem #2), is why the two brands have always remained separate. Over the years, I've found myself pouring my time into producing and showing my artwork, and a couple months later obsessing over design blogs and attempting to gain new clients. Problem #3: No clear direction or consistency.

It wasn't until I came across the blog of Amanda Genther, a brand stylist for women entrepreneurs, that I found brand clarity. In her post on how to combine your passions into one business (Perfect for my dilemma, right?!) she wrote, "...choose 1 thing that you love to do, that people will happily pay you for and use the other interest to carve your niche." It became clear to me that although I am passionate and skillful at both art and design, design is my job and art is my hobby. I always thought to be successful at one, I had to abandon the other, which proved to be untrue. 

Thankfully, after 8 years of asking myself, "What do you want to be known for?" I found my answer. I am and will always be both an artist and a designer, but, as far as that one thing people associate me with, that will be my interior designs. 

If you happen to be struggling with brand clarity yourself, I encourage you to follow Amanda's blog. You can read the blog post I referenced above here, and here is a great exercise for finding brand clarity.

Cheers to you and your success, Rachel