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Make Everyday An Adventure

Have you ever thought, "If I was able to travel more and see more, my life would be different,  better."? Or maybe you have experienced life-changing adventures across the globe, and now you think you can achieve those feelings of ecstasy again only if you go far from home. I have often had these thoughts, but this weekend, on my drive from North Carolina to Florida, I realized short trips and even simple commutes can be just as impacting on my life as extended exertions to far-off destinations. I believe our lives can be different and better, and we can experience those feelings of youth, connectedness, and fulfillment everyday even if we don't have the opportunities to travel as much, as far, or as often as we'd like.

My 3-day road trip included stops in Chattanooga, Tennessee to see a friend; Birmingham, Alabama to climb at Moss Rock Preserve; Pensacola, Florida for a wedding and to visit my parents; and Brevard, North Carolina to see the Looking Glass Falls in the Pisgah National Forest (after getting lost for a couple hours in the backwoods of the North Carolina mountains). I traveled alone, listening to audio books and music along the way. I felt as if I was on a journey of self-discovery.

"I felt as if I was on a journey of self-discovery." Isn't that the feeling that makes traveling so rewarding and unforgettable, leaving us on a quest to find the same awareness again? I discovered this weekend I feel most alive while traveling, because I am not concerned with my past or my future in those moments. I am interested only in what is happening around me now: sounds, food, people, nature, coincidences. Absorbing everything in my direct path. I believe this is the key to experiencing the feeling of fullness not only on extended vacations but also on our way to work or on a quick weekend trip. Live your life as a traveler...seeking adventure by living in the present every day, every where you go.



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