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{My Design Diary}: NYC Studio

The Challenge: Turn a 235 s.f. rented studio apartment into a bedroom, living room, breakfast nook, and office.The Challenger: Physician Assistant who recently moved to NYC The Contestants: Stephanie Pons, Interior Designer, and Rachel Freeman, Interior Decorator The Style:  Shabby chic mixed with global influence The Needs: A desk and more color The Biggest Design Challenge: Unmovable cable TV outlet The Entry:

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The Results: "OMG!!!!! I love it. You guys really did a great job. You have real talent and are a good team." Take-Home Designer Tip: Resist your instinct to push furniture to the walls leaving the center of the room empty! Rather, use the furniture - a sofa, a desk, or, in this instance, a bookcase and pair of curtains - to divide the space. Moving furniture off the walls will help create a room in a room (rather than one big, boring, rectangular room), making things feel much more complete and, yes, even bigger!

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Shopping List: 1. Cadman Chair in Teal Floral by Pier 1 Imports 2. Pair of Lack Side Tables in Red by IKEA with a DIY makeover inspired by Budget Wise Home 3. Room Essentials Large 2pc Modular Room Divider and Bookcase in White by Target 4. Alvine Ruta Rug by IKEA 5. Gray and Yellow Pillow by Giardino on Etsy 6. Round Smocked Pillow in Burnt Orange by on Etsy 7. Home Arc Floor Lamp in Silver by Target 8. Pair of Lill Sheer Curtains in White and Dignet Curtain Wire by IKEA 9. Ikea PS Laptop Workstation in White by IKEA 10. Terje Folding Chair by IKEA 11. Pair of City Neighborhood Posters by Ork Posters! 12. DIY Painted TV Stand inspired by Knack Studios