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My freelance editing work has been keeping me BUSY!  For the past couple of weeks I've been editing my Dad's book, The Way...Back to God, and to give you an idea of what my days have been like, I spent ELEVEN hours at a local cafe yesterday. And, that's been a pretty normal schedule for me. I've averaged about 3-4 hours per chapter, and there are 24 chapters total. That equals 72 to 96 hours (or 3-4 full days!) sitting at my computer editing. If you don't like writing or editing, you are probably thinking, "That must be miserable!" Lucky for me, I love writing, editing, grammar, words, the thesaurus, books, and anything related. I have 10 chapters left, so back to work I go! Wish me luck.

Photo via Julia Rothman, and then edited by me.