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My lack of posts this week may give you some indication that well, I've been somewhat busy. To top it off, I returned my work computer early this week, which left me computerless (YIKES!) until my amazing friend, Jennifer, gave me an old on of hers to use. Saved. Now, back to blogging and staying on top of my freelance editing work.

A little life update...

I've been nannying a two-year old boy, Henry, three times a week, which keeps getting better and better with each day I spend with him. I'm starting to learn his little idiosyncrasies, his favorite toys and books, and his daily routine. He is a delight. I've also picked up a few shifts a week at Foster's Market in Durham. A lovely place to eat and relax. Come by! Although still looking for a creative full-time job and hoping to move, eventually, to the west coast, I'm doing OK. I like what I am doing, and I can pay my bills. That's all I need.

So, what's my plan for the weekend besides catching up on my freelance work? Well, tomorrow night is the annual Central Park School for Children "Save Our Arts" benefit show at Motorco featuring Mount Moriah, Megafaun, and The Beast. Only $10, it's sure to be a good time. What are your plans?

photo via cardigans and cookies