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that's a BIG face

As a portrait artist, I've often struggled with the saleability of my work. Do people really want a huge graphic portrait of someone they don't know or even someone they do know taking up a substantial amount of wall space? Popular icons, family pets, and loved ones are always best sellers, but how exactly do you decorate with such a huge face?!

I've come across some pretty fantastic examples of the use of large portraits - in most cases, colorful, graphic portraits - displayed in the home. It is important that the style of the artist and the mood of the painting fit with your aesthetic. In most cases, one large portrait is best left to stand on its own, since it's already making a loud and proud statement. I'd also recommend purchasing a portrait of someone who won't bore you in a month; or, if you're commissioning a painting, selecting a person/pet that will stay on your "favorites" list for a while.

Do you have a large portrait hanging in your home? Send me a picture! I'd love to see how you've displayed your art. If you don't, would you consider hanging a big face on your wall? Why or why not?

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