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A current project of mine is finding the right light fixtures for different rooms in our home. Currently, we have those amazingly, beautiful (cough, cough) brass fixtures, which are, needless to say, a bit outdated. I've settled on a floor lamp for our living room and a pendant for our foyer, narrowed down a few others for our dining room and breakfast nook, and am still searching through the thousands available, in the event I change my mind altogether. Having so many selections is a bit overwhelming. It is like walking into a paint store and saying, "I think blue would be a great color for the room." Do you know how many blues there are? Whew. The same infinite possibilities exists with lighting.

Photographer's Tripod Floor Lamp

Pottery Barn's Photographer's Tripod Floor Lamp, like this one pictured in the bronze finish, will be our new living room addition, except in antique nickel.

This beautiful hexagon pendant by Arteriors will greet you as you come in.

Armonk 6-Arm Chandelier

This simple yet elegant chandelier, which can also be found at Pottery Barn, is one of my choices for our dining room...minus the shades.

Arteriors has some amazing pieces like this one. Another potential dining room chandelier. I love this one but feel I may get tired of it. And, being someone who moves furniture around as often as I change clothes (ok, maybe not that often), I think it may not be as transitional as the other. What do you think?

Calhoun Glass PendantThe Calhoun Glass Pendant is one option for the breakfast nook.

Calhoun Glass Pendant I'm thinking of maybe hanging two like in this photo.

Hundi LanternOption #2: Hundi Lantern also by Pottery Barn this light by Roost.

Edison Chandelier, BlackAnd this one by, you guessed it, Pottery Barn.