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if you like piña coladas

I'm back from Aruba! It was a fantastic trip full of family time, love, and adventures! Each night we had dinner at a different family member's home. The homes there are incredibly expensive because of the costs to import materials. A home that would cost a couple hundred thousand in the states sells for millions in Aruba.  Each home has an interesting layout that includes pocket walls that open up the entire floor plan in a minute! The separated living room and kitchen become one space along with an open courtyard. I want that in my home!

We spent one full day on a 42' catamaran sailing around the island. My cousin pointed out some of the local surf spots, which were all flat, but I could see their potentials for nice beach breaks.  We stopped for a few hours at one of the most popular snorkeling spots. A variety of tropical fish, star fish, sea spiders, and sea urchins were spotted (and held) along with several species of coral.

Strouse and I took kiteboarding lessons. The power of wind is extraordinary and potentially dangerous, but the thrill is incomparable. I think this is a sport we will invest some time and money into in the near future.

I am already planning my next trip to Aruba but am also hoping to do more traveling in general. I love the change of atmosphere, language, pace, people, and activity. The world is full. Live!