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i am sorry

A decision I made a few years ago, unintentionally hurt a close friend and has since caused a great distance between us.

This is not my usual blog post, but as I sit in front of my computer ready to write, this is where I am in this moment. "tink makes art is a place to share my life and work as well as the things that motivate and inspire me." This story is my life, which motivates me to be real and inspires me to be something more...

I never thought I would be on her non-friend list (or anyone's for that matter), but, based on circumstances, I think I am. I attempted to set things right with her, move forward, and be on good terms again, but my apology and hope to rekindle our lost friendship was seen as a lack of self-confidence and selfishness. It hurts me that I hurt her and hurts more that she hasn't and may never forgive me. I am truly sorry for how my decision affected you, how it hurt you, and how it has tarnished our friendship. I think about you often. I think you are an amazing woman. Creative, funny, kind, adventurous, compassionate, and beautiful. Still among one of the coolest girls I know. Friend, I am sorry...

Readers, What would you do if you were me? What's on your heart in this moment? ♥ tink