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lisa congdon

I've run across Lisa Congdon's work several times in the past few months. I really love her illustrations and the playfullness and color they bring. "San Francisco illustrator and fine artist Lisa Congdon was raised in both upstate New York and Northern California where she grew to love the trees and animals that surrounded her. That love is now expressed most intensely through her paintings and drawings. Lisa is represented by Lilla Rogers Studio.

Lisa did not begin painting until she was 33 years old; nine years later, it is now the most significant part of her life and livelihood. Aside from four painting classes, Lisa is entirely self-taught. She uses her lack of training to her advantage; instead of following refined technique, she works with her own sense of color and composition as her guide. Three years ago, she left a career as a leader in the education nonprofit world to pursue her intense desire to live a full-time creative life. Lisa’s paintings and drawings make hazy the line between what is real and what is imagined. She looks to the natural world as a reflection not only of joy, beauty, order and calm, but also the darkness and pain that is part of our collective everyday experience."