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summer vacation

Summer means one thing: vacation! I have two trips planned so far: NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival and Aruba for our family reunion. I am so excited!

My friend's brother is a filmmaker, and his film, The Travelogues, was accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival! I used to live in New York, so I am excited to see friends and the Big Apple again. Here I come Central Park, Cafe Habana, Beacon's Closet, and all my other favorite places! April 22 - 25.

My grandmother is from Holland, so, I have many relatives in Aruba as well. (Holland and Aruba are sister countries, both under the umbrella of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.) The last time I was in Aruba was when I was two! A few relatives have visited the states, so I've been able to keep in touch with many of them; but, there are others I haven't seen in nearly 22 years! What an amazing time we're going to have! Did I mention my great aunt Ella is the Acting Governor of Aruba (like our Vice President)? Awesome! June 4 - 8.