interiors + props


b. 1986, HK.


Who has a knack for designing, a flair for prop styling and a thing for rock climbing? This girl. And by this girl, I mean me, Rachel Freeman. HELLO! It's nice to meet you.

Born in Florida, cultured in New York and crafted in North Carolina, I am now dreaming and creating in sunny Los Angeles, California. I get around. You can find me at Living Spaces, where I am a full-time Production Designer and creator of rooms for their brand catalog, TV campaigns, Behind the Design, and more.

While I consider myself a proficient mixer of vintage finds and modern furnishings, my true specialty is my ability to channel both that left-brain creativity and right-brain reasoning. Which is great when you need to, you know, think outside of the box, while ensuring outside of the box stays orderly, organized and beautiful.

I’m also a double-jointed thrill-seeker, who, ironically enough, is part of a small population of people who cannot wink. Does that make me a freak of nature? Maybe. Does that make you cooler than I am? Probably. But if you find yourself in need of a designer, prop stylist or non-winking friend, you know who to call. Cheers!